I got my google appengine key yesterday, so, to enjoy the holiday weekend I decided to give it a try. I build a small app called peekr, for link classification. Between reading the docs, sample app and working thru html and css, it took me about 3 hours.

My plan is to put a couple more of hours to implement user limit for classification, and a simple text classification algorithm, to extract some tags and relate all stored links.

In some aspects, it reminded when I first used ruby on rails. The API is very straightforward, docs are ok and very clear about limits and boundaries, and the SDK is very simple to use. I think that’s where the resemblance ends, because, according to them, you have the whole google backend to enable scaling and so on.

That’s a nice plataform to test ideas and I think they may start charging it in the future if an app requires more storage space, more CPU cycles or a separate domain name. And if it keeps working nice as it is, it may be a good move.

More impressions as soon as I manage to finish the application. Until there, off to eat steak. 🙂