RESTMQ – REST/JSON/HTTP based message queue

December 15, 2009

That’s not a replay from the last post. I’ve pushed into my github repo an initial, cleaned up version of RestMQ. This is special because it not only uses python and twisted, but cyclone, the twisted-based implementation of Tornado. Repo URL:

It makes web apps easier to build, and covers a gap, IMO, between the Generator/Deferred approach which modern twisted applications uses and the traditional twisted.web package. Also it uses Redis, which is cutting edge in key/value storage and which flexibility allows for implementing a wide range of NoSQL patterns.

To build it, I’ve had help from fiorix which ported tx-redis and made cyclone possible. Also he was a soundboard for my ideas.

This is a continuation from the first appengine version, and it seems to me that a simple message queue like that can be used as a benchmark for other plataforms/languages (Erlang and Ruby versions are on my roadmap too).

The most important part is that NoSQL patterns are on many places and news, and it seems that there is a lot to cover, from architecture patterns to product specific patterns (be it key/value or document oriented).

Let me know if there is any bug or feature wanted, and please test it !

yours, truly



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