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NEW STUFF: I’m uploading everything to !

This is my blog. My name is Gleicon Moraes and I work as a system programmer/engineer/architect. I also do some consultant gigs in my spare time, besides writing here and in other places.

The name ‘Zen Machine’ is a reference to the Judo (martial art) philosophy of maximum efficiency with minimum effort. It really bugs me how much time is spent on language flame wars, bloated frameworks, code reimplementation and useless discussion about what should just be ‘means to an end’.

I’m interested in distributed systems and new technologies in programming languages. I dig dynamic languages as ruby, php and perl, not only for hacks but for “real” production grade systems. I see them as a relief from years working with C programming. Even loving ANSI C, and using it for some projects, I’m a firm believer in the ‘right tool for the job’ concept.

In 2005 I wrote my first book “Programacao Avancada em Linux”, which was only printed in portuguese. For some time, I had a monthly column at IDG Now Brasil, and in some local magazines. Now I’m writing material for a new book.

This website was inspired by Jay R. Fink from systhread who does a suberb job as technical writer and C hacker. Feel free to send comments and ideas.

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